“Jakarta = Super Kampung”


“Be the change you want to see in the world”, is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi, and it seems to be a recurring theme in this year’s Citra Pariwara.

My takeout is that everyone wants to see change. In fact, if they can, they would like to be that change. Whatever the end result, people want to share their efforts and experiences in bringing about change.

An adman’s change therefore is to identify these changes that people aspire to, and connect them with brands that would like to facilitate the change.

Doing something you’re good at and something you passionately love are two very different things.

An oh-so-wrong WTF pic I stumbled upon. WTF in a sick / psycho / sexual ’70s kind of way. Very NSFW. You have been warned.

Click here.

And don’t forget to scroll down the link for more NSFW WTFness.


With Facebook, perverts adoring fans can fantasize discuss about their idol.

As if Dewi Persik, Julia Perez, and the Azhari sisters weren’t enough, Indonesia has a brand spanking new hot skank female celebrity on the scene.

And you thought my Facebook profile pic was trippy…

Back in the day, parents were worried what their kid’s friends were teaching their kids behind their backs in the playgrounds. Now, they learn dumb (and potentially hazardous) sh*t like this from kids their age half the world away on YouTube.

[Dailymotion id=k4cMqM9t2H4pm3Xp94]

This is what A Scanner Darkly is supposed to look like..!!
From the agency that brought you Justice’s D.A.N.C.E. music video comes an even trippier music video for Kid Cudi’s Day n’ Nite.

Hype sh*t..!!


I’ve been¬†around on Flickr for shortly over a year. Starting December 9, 2007 to be precise. I’ve been posting 200+ pics ever since. I don’t know exactly how many because Flickr hides your oldest pics once you’ve reached 200 uploads for free users.

So, with only 200+ pics, minimal publicity, and one year of uploading, I’m glad to have 7,000+ views today.

Thanks for visiting, people..!!


After the long run of bubblegum colored Wayfarers with mix and smash wardrobe, it’s relieving to see Pharrell Williams once again become the understated fashion icon that we grew to love.

Don’t you remember? He made Justin Timberlake and trucker caps look cool back in 2002.


The next time I get a brief from a client asking for something that will increase product visibility, generate consumer involvement, encourage product trial, improve consumer sense of belonging, and develop word of mouth, I will try to refer to this campaign.

Well done..!!